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  • What is an F3 Pomsky?
    All of our Pomskies are F3's. This means that they are Third Generation Pomskies. Pomsies generally get smaller with each generation. While there are size variations our Pomskies are expected to grow to 10-12 inches.
  • What is Blue Fur?
    A blue fur Pomsky is rare and highly coveted. No, the fur isn't bright blue, it is more of an icy silvery-gray color. Very beautiful. All of our dogs carry the blue gene and have a good probability of producing blue furred puppies.
  • Does Our Pomsky Yard Ship Puppies?
    Yes. Your Pomsky will be lovingly cared for and fly coach accompanied by a nanny. We can arrange for a meeting at a major airport near you. This service is $500 to most airports.
  • How much is a Pomsky from Our Pomsky Yard?
    Please visit our Pricing page.
  • What is a Pomsky?
    A Pomsky is a newer designer breed of dog, and the fastest growing mix breed in the world! The breed only started in 2012. A Pomsky is a mixed breed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. First generation pomskies are the result of breeding a Female Husky with a Male Pomeranian through artificial insemination.
  • What Associations does Our Pomsky Yard belong to?
    All Pomsky breeders are fairly new as the Pomsky is a new breed, Our Pomsky Yard Started in 2021. The Pomsky is a designer breed. AKA. As designer breed they not represented by the AKA. Any Pomsky Breeder claiming to be registered with the AKA is lying and likely a scam. We are compliant with the requirements of the IPA, APKC, and POA and our application is pending with each.
  • Have a question not listed?
    We are eager to talk with you. You can call April at 616-788-0417, email us from our Contact Page, Chat with us from our Home Page, or Message us on Facebook.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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