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Our Pomsky Yard Michigan
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Waiting List is now OPEN for
Lady and Charming's Litter

Baby white blanket.jpg

Baby is a beautiful little girl. Her mask is coming in nicely and looks a lot like Lady's mask. She has gorgeous Blue Eyes!!! She is such a sweet little girl. 


Buttercup white blanket.jpg

Buttercup is an adorable chocolate-colored little girl. Her mask is coming in beautifully. Her mask is looking like Charming's mask. She has gorgeous light Blue Eyes!! She just loves to snuggle!


Bluey Fireplace.jpg


Bluey is a little girl and she has the rare Blue Fur!!!!!! Her mask is gorgeous and is coming in a lot like Charming's mask. She has beautiful Ice Blue Eyes. She is the absolute perfect 3rd generation Pomsky and she is so lovable to boot!!


Bruno white blanket.jpg

Let's talk about Bruno. He is our only little boy in this litter and he is a beautiful all-white Pomsky. His eyes are an Ice Blue! He is so sweet and just a little love-bug!


These adorable 3rd generation pomskies are typically 10-12" tall when fully grown.

Their waitlist is now open!

Complete our application or contact April today.


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Why Buy a F3 Pomsky From Our Pomsky Yard

You're probably aware that a Pomsky is a Pomeranian-Husky Mix.  But what should you look for when selecting a breeder (aside from a super cute mommy and daddy dog)?  One thing that makes a Pomsky so special is that they have the charm of a Siberian Husky with the cute cuddly size and appearance of a puppy throughout their life.  But did you know that Pomskies generally get smaller with each generation?  Our Pomskies are Third Generation and will typically grow to be about 12 in height and 10-15 pounds.  Our Pomsky Yard is committed to improving the Pomsky Breed and is building a reputation for cute, healthy, qulity dogs.  Our puppies are well socialized, have begun potty training and are guaranteed free of genetic defects.

Our Pomsky Yard
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Gowen, Michigan

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